About Us

Alan Ballantine specialises in advising and assisting family businesses providing the services traditionally associated with a firm of chartered accountants, from bookkeeping, accounts preparation (limited companies and sole traders) to taxation services and business planning.

He believes in regular client contact to discuss issues as they arise although at the same time is happy to get involved only at the year-end if that is what is required.

Regular hours are flexible but are generally 8am-6pm.

Meetings are often held evening or weekends if weekdays are inconvenient.

Why use Fala Accounting rather than another firm of accountants?

There are many reasons to use Fala Accounting but before you decide on which firm of accountants to use do your homework. Do you want a qualified accountant? If you are serious about your business the answer should be yes. Alan is a Chartered Accountant, which means he has passed all the relevant accountancy exams, keeps up to date with the ever changing legislation, including taxation, has professional indemnity insurance and adheres to a strict code of ethics.

Fala Accounting is a small firm of accountants, which means you will receive a personal service from people that do not tend to move on in a year or two’s time.

Fala Accounting specialises in assisting family-owned businesses. If you own a business that requires an audit or employees 100’s of staff you would be better served with a medium/large firm of accountants. However, if your business is not quite as large then Fala Accounting could be just the firm for you. Fala Accounting advises all sorts of clients whose requirements range from the preparation of an individual tax return, with or without a set of sole trader accounts, to companies with turnover in the millions.

All initial meetings are free of charge and are conducted in an open and candid manner. Fala Accounting will only act for a business if it is right to do so and will not take on a client if its high quality service cannot be assured. Similarly, if at the meeting you think Fala Accounting is not the firm for you, say so. It is your business and you must make the correct decision. If Alan’s face does not fit, move on!

Is Fala Accounting good value for money?

Yes. Working from offices at home enables the fees to be kept to a reasonable rate. Also, whenever possible the type of work required is matched with the relevant specialist. So, for example, bookkeeping is likely to be undertaken by specialist bookkeepers who are very efficient and cost effective.

Does Fala Accounting keep in touch throughout the year?

Generally yes, although this depends on what you want. A recent example is HMRC issuing guidelines for those considered to be affected by the employee/subcontractor regulations (IR35 for those of you who like technical jargon!). These were sent to all affected clients via an email attachment, some of which changed their working practices as a result of the information.

How are fees set?

All fees are discussed in advance of any work being carried out and are generally fixed. The quote will be based on what is discussed and if the work is carried out quicker than expected then the fee can be reduced.

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