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One of the advantages of using Fala Accounting Limited is that you gain access to an experienced Chartered Accountant on all aspects of the job. This means that the whole picture is looked at and not just one aspect of your affairs. This is important for family-owned companies, for example, where it is crucial to consider the inter-reaction between personal taxation and corporate taxation.
Furthermore, as a result of gaining experience from running his own family-owned internet trading company using platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, Alan has extensive knowledge on the practical issues faced by those with a similar marketing strategy. This enables proactive business advice to be given in addition to the traditional service and advice offered by accountants.
All initial meetings are free of charge with no obligation on either party, and, with working from home, the costs are surprisingly affordable.

Alan’s telephone number is: 01875 320895 or email alan@falaaccounting.com

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